Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Song of Orpheus

Billy as Orpheus during Argonautica rehearsals.

Argonautica was a big hit last weekend, with sold-out crowds at both performances! Thanks to all who attended. We had a great time. By way of closing out this project, here's one final blog (written just before the show debuted) by Billy Pullen, who played Orpheus, the legendary musician and our story's narrator.

Before there was the wheel, there was the story…and what a story “Argonautica” is. As a teacher I relish all the elements this ancient story possesses. As an actor I treasure Chatterbox for making the telling of this story such a congenial adventure. The obvious paradox for us as a cast is telling this story via radio while simultaneously performing in front of a live audience, but with Bob’s directorial vision, this process has been a pleasant one. Bob both listens and watches perceptively.

As Orpheus the narrator, I maintain both an objective and subjective point of view. I talk to the audience and then get the privilege to interact with the dynamic characters. Since narrating consumes much of my focus, I don’t get to play with the sound effects. However, I’ve enjoyed watching all the monsters, legends, and storms
come alive through sound.

Nevertheless all of us are united in telling this story. “In the tale, in the telling, we are all one blood…and we all come to the end together, and even to the beginning; living, as we do, in the middle.” (Ursula K. Le Guin)

That wraps up our entries on the Argonautica performance, but stay tuned as we prepare to delve into a couple of new shows, as well as a variety of other audio-theater-related topics!

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