Thursday, July 21, 2011

Listen up & learn!

Hey everybody,

Marques Brown here, Education Director for Chatterbox Audio Theater. I realized that I had yet to contribute to our Chatterblog, and as a member of the group who has a lot to say, especially when it comes to our medium and education, I will be rectifying my silence by blogging at least once a month on the subject of audio theater and education. In the next several weeks, be expecting to hear more from me on the subject, and more specifically about including my thoughts and ideas in support of incorporating audio theater in to our student’s curriculum and school experience. My “Back to School” series of blog entries will focus on why I think audio theater is a perfect medium for teaching cross-curriculum subjects, engaging students in the classroom, and employing brain based learning, education taxonomies, and meeting standards and objectives. Not only will I discuss why I think it is important, but I will also share some ideas how to incorporate audio theater to its fullest potential if you are not sure how to introduce such a project. As always, I hope this will open up a dialogue between our fans, especially parents and educators.

Cheers, and keep listening!

-Marques W. Brown

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