Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to the Chatterblog!

Brent, Chris, Joe, and Ross during Argonautica rehearsal

Hi, everyone, and welcome to Chatterbox Audio Theater's official blog! We're going to kick things off with a post from Tommy Harless, Assistant Director of Chatterbox's upcoming live performance of Argonautica. Here's Tommy:

Hello Chatterbox Fans! As a part of our debut of Argonautica, we decided to set up a blog to give y’all an exclusive look at the work we directors, actors, and techies do to bring you the highest-quality radio drama. Each post will be from someone directly involved with the day-to day operation behind the final recording you can hear, for free, online. If reading this blog interests you in participating, please sign up for our email newsletter, and maybe you too can be part of one of Chatterbox’s entirely original online radio productions.

My name is Tommy Harless, and I am Assistant Directing Chatterbox’s production of Argonautica. I am a freshman at Rhodes College, and am interning with Chatterbox as part of Rhodes’s Center for the Outreach in the Development of the Arts fellowship. Thus far, we have had two rehearsals, and have another one tonight. It’s been great getting to hear the cast work and bring to life this amazing story.

Argonautica is being directed by, and was adapted by, Robert Arnold, the Executive Director of Chatterbox, so the groundwork for this production has been in place for a while. Bob and I first started talking about this last semester, and I got a chance to read the script when it was being finalized. At the end of last semester, we held open auditions to determine our cast, and I was shocked at the number of people who attended and their talent level. Unfortunately, we couldn’t cast everyone, but we are very happy with those actors we cast.

Argonautica presents a unique challenge as a radio drama because of the range of characters presented, with over 30 different voices heard throughout the story. Thus, each actor has to present a range of voices and characters, often within the same scene. Also, the actors will be involved in the production of manual sound effects, which will be timed, performed, and recorded live during the show. I am excited to see how the actors will take to their roles in the upcoming rehearsals, and I am confident that this will be one of the most exciting and challenging shows Chatterbox has performed.

Argonautica will be performed in front of a live studio audience at the McCoy Theatre at Rhodes College in Memphis, February 11th and 12th at 7:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased through the McCoy Theater Box Office, 901-843-3839. Prices are $10 General Admission / $7 Seniors / $5 Students / $2 Rhodes Students. Hurry and get them, as there is limited room!

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