Sunday, January 30, 2011

More insight into Argonautica

Abby and Ross work to create the sound of a campfire.

Hi, all! Our next post comes to us from Abigail Amsden, a cast member in our upcoming production of Argonautica. Abby reads five or six different roles and is responsible for performing a huge number of sound effects. We asked her to talk about her experiences with Chatterbox so far.

I learned about Chatterbox on Facebook. One of my friends posted a Chatterbox link of a show they were in and I had to find out what this audio theater was all about. I hit the “like” button so I could find out when auditions were being held. After a couple months, auditions for Argonautica were posted. It was the first time I had ever prepared two contrasting monologues. Not as easy as it sounds! 

We’ve been rehearsing for a couple weeks now and we just finished blocking Act 2. We’re a bunch of cut ups so Bob’s been real patient and fun to work with. As a director he’s great at telling you exactly what he wants out of the character. We’re all playing multiple roles so it’s challenging, but so entertaining! The cast is amazing to work with and really talented. It’s crazy hearing some of the voices that come out of people.

I’ve learned a couple things so far… like correct Roman and Greek pronunciations. And what ‘Walla’ really is. We’re going to start adding sound effects tonight and I can’t wait. I’m curious to see how we’ll make the sounds for waves, mighty rowing, and flapping wings!

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