Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Argonaut, Boread, and King: Ross Williams

 Chris and Ross working the SFX table. You can tell this photo is from
a few weeks ago because the table is so much more crowded now.

Chatterbox's version of the Argo sets sail this weekend! If you're in the area, I hope you can attend the show at the McCoy Theatre at Rhodes College, 7:30 pm this Friday and Saturday. Here's a blog post from Ross Williams, who plays several roles in the show, including the Argonauts Idas and Calais and the noble king Cyzicus.

This is my first time working with Chatterbox. The experience has been interesting and a lot of fun. I've always loved to act, and the opportunity afforded by audio theater to perform several different characters in the course of one production has been great. The most difficult part of the rehearsal process has probably been remembering to act into the microphone as opposed to turning and facing my fellow actors.

The production has really started to take shape in the past week or so since we've added most of the music and sound effects. Before I started this, I had a basic understanding of how old radio shows used sound effects to add realism to the actors' narratives, but I had no idea how rich and textured an audio performance could be with music and effects. 

The rest of the cast has also been great. Everyone is so talented and willing to make the production a success. I also think it's nice that we come from such different professions and areas of life. With only a week of rehearsals left, I'm really looking forward to putting on an entertaining show.

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