Monday, February 7, 2011

Argonautica live performance THIS WEEKEND!

 A replica of the Argo, built (and sailed) by a team of Greek sailors in 2008.
We're enjoying sharing these posts from our Argonautica cast members, so we've got a few more leading up to the show's performances this Friday and Saturday. (More info on the Chatterbox website.) Today's entry comes from Jyo Carolino, who plays the Argonaut Telamon as well as the cruel king Aeetes.


I was introduced to Bob and Chatterbox only last year, but I had an enjoyable experience and am happy to be working with the cast and crew of Argonautica. I had met only two members of the team prior to joining, so I thought I would be very out of place. The group is very friendly, however, and we all get along pretty well for a group of strangers. That would be theatre for you. Of course, it does help that we are (as Abby said before) a bunch of cut-ups.

The process has been a very fast-paced but rewarding one. Everything comes in layers—the words, and then the voices and intonations, and then sound effects, and then music, and then everything together. It really is a novel process. It was strange for me to speak to a microphone instead of directly to a person, and to yell the battle cries of a character when I was actually not in a physical fight. But you would not know that from just listening to the audio. Every combat scene gets my adrenaline pumping just as it would should there be choreography attached. Every party or banquet gets us garrulous and jovial. The sound effects are just as fun to work; creating a whirlpool or a rolling sea tide was a rather curious but entertaining experience. Just wait for the monsters and demons. That will be a trip for you.

If there was one thing that I wish we could add to the show… it would be some form of hip-hop. To have Billy (who plays Orpheus) break out some crazy rhymes would have been a treat; alas, the time period is not conducive to such things. Seriously, who would not want to see Jason and King Aeetes in a breakdance battle for possession of the Golden Fleece? Hmm, maybe for Medea

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